About our Founder

Claire Bristow-Riley is a mum of two primary school aged children. Her son was born in 2009 but after a completely normal pregnancy there was an unexpected complication at the birth, he was deprived of oxygen and was delivered by emergency C-section with an Apgar score of 0*. He was in intensive care for 2 weeks, but is thankfully now a walking, talking, happy boy of 9 with mild Cerebral Palsy. The anxiety, confusion and helplessness of those first few days and months, even years, is something that Claire remembers well. She tried to learn everything she could about CP and a bit of basic neurology so that she could understand what her son was going through, and felt more empowered when she could. Now that she is able to, she would like to help parents and other people affected by an unexpected diagnosis to deal with it through knowledge. She has a PhD in Molecular Biology and so is best able and qualified to help those affected by a genetic disorder. She is an effective communicator and is passionate about making Genetics easier to understand for anyone who is finding it overwhelming, whatever their prior knowledge is.

*Jargon-busting from the outset: The Apgar is a score out of 10, designed to evaluate the health of new born babies