When we hear about a new or unexpected diagnosis, most people will turn straight to Google for an answer. What they will find when looking up “what is DNA” or any of the other terms,¬†is usually a version of the picture below. Whilst accurate, it is a complex picture that requires both creative thinking and further explanation. At Genetics Made Simple we take a step by step approach to explaining all the terminology of genetics, from what each of the elements are, to what they do and how they tie together.


The program will cover Cells, DNA, Chromosomes, Genes, Proteins, Enzymes, Mutations, Deletions, and can also include any specific terminology that you might be unclear about.

Genetic Disorders

As your knowledge of what Genetics is and how it works in our bodies, you will have the tools to better understand the what, how and why of the specific genetic condition you are affected by. We will design the program to cover the specific details of the condition you are affected by, regardless whether it is a well known or very rare.