Jane B – Mum

Thank you for an interesting and enjoyable workshop. I came out feeling much better informed on the basic principles of genetics and understanding the key terms. I would feel much more confident reading further on the subject now.

The length of the workshop was just right to get into some depth on the topic and allow concepts to sink in. I particularly appreciated the practical activities which brought ideas to life in a visual way

Amélie L – mum and sports teacher

I have thoroughly enjoyed ‘Genetics Made Simple’ workshop. Claire is a wonderful communicator. Everything was set out and explained when we arrived. She explained genetics to us in easily digestible chunks! It is a difficult topic to understand but she made it simple. I have loved the hands-on activities where we pit in practice what we learnt. It was very well done and fun. I would greatly recommend the workshop.

Anthony S – Firefighter

Claire’s knowledge of genetics was superb. She led us through a very complicated topic, step by step, and I certainly left the session with a much greater understanding of the subject.

The practical tasks we were given were fun and engaging and were an easy way to simplify and grasp what is a complex subject.

Pat – retired teacher

Claire knows her subject and her approach is clear and logical. She has a friendly, approachable manner. The activities were fun and increased our understanding.

Hannah D – Operations manager of a Genetic Syndrome Charity

Before attending Claire’s session, I thought I was very informed about genetics, having come across the scientific terms during my GCSEs, and briefly over the course of my undergraduate BSc. Psychology course and during my work role within a rare disease charity. However, once at the session, I realised that, while I had a base level understanding of the key terms (e.g., protein, amino acid, DNA), my level was still relatively immature, and my comprehension was not solid.

I feel my experience at this session may tentatively mirror the experience of an individual finding out that they themselves or their relative has been diagnosed with a genetic condition. That when you read a definition of why the genetic condition has occurred, you believe you have a general understanding, however, once you sit and consider the condition further, you realise (as with most conditions) that these are much more complex than first assumed and that a paragraph definition is not enough to truly get to grips with the underlying elements and causation of a condition.

Claire’s Genetics Made Simple session was very informative. It broke down the definitions into comprehensible chunks. She made sure to check that everyone had an understanding before moving onto the next point, and would go back over any sections if there was a lack of clarity. Her use of Hama Beads and pipe cleaners to produce replicas of amino acids was ingenious. It gave a visual representation and converted the complex term into a concrete idea. This tangible task has stayed with me since the workshop sessions – a simple but really effective exercise.

My understanding of genetics is definitely now richer thanks to Claire’s workshop – I would 100% recommend the session. It is a valuable experience for those being faced with a challenging genetic condition or simply for those who want to gain a better insight into genetics without having to be overwhelmed by large academic journals and complicated explanations.

Saira K – MUA

Thoroughly enjoyed todays workshop. I found the science very interesting, the practical was great. It was very interesting and has given me a better understanding about genetics than I had before.

Lynn C – mum

Claire presents complex information in a straightforward way and her visual practical style was very helpful! As the parent of a child with a genetic condition I feel more confident of my own understanding having attended one of her workshops.