Seminars and Workshops

Genetics Made Simple is designed to be a step by step interactive learning experience. Dr Claire Bristow-Riley will come to you and deliver a face to face session of seminars and workshops. The pace of the learning will be set by you and questions can be asked along the way. The structure would ideally be broken into three parts:

Part 1: Seminar on “What DNA, Chromosomes, Genes and Proteins Are”, followed by a workshop or question and answer session on what we have just covered

Part 2: Interactive seminar on “What are Mutations, How do they Occur and Why do they cause Damage”, followed by a workshop or question and answer session on what we have just covered

Part 3: Seminar covering the specific genetic disorder of you Charity or support group, including hereditary risks.

The whole event will last 4-5 hours including a lunch break. there would be an opportunity to have further sessions or run similar sessions in different parts of the country. Ideally the group would relatively small (10-20 people) so that everyone gets an opportunity to ask questions and make sure that they are following all that is being said.

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At Genetics made Simple CIC, we aim to make our service fully funded or subsidised for the groups who will benefit from it. It is important to us that people affected by a genetic disorder, especially those going through the emotional and confusing time of diagnosis, receive this empowering help without having to consider costs.

As Genetics Made Simple is a Community Interest Company (aka Not-for-Profit), we can make a bid to larger charities and organisations for funding so that the events will be free for your group. We are currently bidding for funding to allow for 24 workshops for different groups or charities, which if successful, would mean you could apply to benefit from the program for free. The only ‘cost’ would be to provide feedback on the efficacy and content of the program!

Alternatively, if your support group or charity has a budget for projects of this sort, please do get in touch to discuss your needs and we will be glad to put a bespoke program together for you as soon as possible. Please fill out the short form below and we will contact you.


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Any information on this website and by Dr Bristow-Riley is provided for education/information purposes only and is not a substitute for personal, medical or genetic advice. Families should consult a medically qualified clinician in all matters relating to genetic diagnosis, management and health. Dr Bristow-Riley cannot provide diagnosis, prognosis or counselling about medical conditions.