Directors on Board!


Genetics Made Simple has an amazing board of volunteer Directors, each with their own areas of expertise. However, not all are scientists and even the scientists are not geneticists! So, to start as we mean to go on, the board have submitted themselves to the teachings of GMS and attended a special workshop to immerse themselves in the USP of GMS!

We used the opportunity of gathering for our inaugural AGM to also stage the workshop. 

The workshop was incredibly productive for all of us at GMS. The CEO and workshop deliverer Claire Bristow-Riley gained new insights and ideas on presentation areas that could be tweaked and improved, including an additional ‘hands-on’ step and a ‘big picture’ visual. These will be included in future workshops. The Directors gained an insight into how the USP (Unique selling point) of GMS works and its accessibility and efficacy. Those directors with a biochemistry background, such as Dr Brewerton where able to comment on the scientific content, and our English graduate, Mr Riddex, happily discovered how amazing he is!

So, a huge thank you to my fabulous board, for your time, energy, advice and support. The workshop is now even better than before!