Explanatory Primer for The Life Scientific with Prof Elizabeth Fisher

If you or someone you know is affected by a genetic disorder, you may be very interested in the episode of The Life Scientific with Prof Elizabeth Fisher on BBC Radio 4 on 12/11/19 (still available on BBC Sounds and The Life Scientific Podcast). It is a very interesting listen, however, the scientific terminology comes thick and fast and I thought it might be a bit easier to understand with a bit of a Genetics Made Simple style explanation! Click below to read more:

Directors on Board!

The Directors of Genetics Made Simple have attended the workshop! click here to see how we got on!

Jeans for Genes at school

Genetics Made Simple participated in Jeans for Genes week (16th-22nd Sept ’19) by doing an assembly and workshops at a local primary school. Read about it by clicking below! (Includes testimonials from the children).